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Smart Safe Solutions

Merchants everywhere are installing smart safes. That's because cash flow drives their businesses. Now you can offer them a safe solution that speeds up cash flow while providing safety and convenience. And did we mention what's in it for you? Recurring revenue.

Maximizing cash flow typically requires daily branch deposits or expensive armored carrier pickups. We provide the convenience of next-day credit for funds deposited into the safe, while minimizing the number of armored carrier trips required.

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Expedited Cash Flow

Idle cash is a problem. Especially for your merchants. So it's no wonder there's so much interest in smart safes. Our smart safe solution offers next-day credit for funds placed in the safe. That allows you to help merchants manage their cash with breathtaking efficiency. And here's the best part: they don't have to change banks! Perfect.

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Improved Efficiency

Everyone is trying to do more with less. Cash handing, trips to the bank, theft from shrinkage - all weigh heavy on merchant efficiency. Our smart safe solution lets you offer merchants a way to streamline operations and run a more productive business.

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Enhanced Safety and Security

Cash attracts crime. Internal and external thefts are problems every business owner faces. Smart safes help reduce the risk of internal theft, but also eliminate the need to drive large sums of cash to the bank. That not only helps your merchant protect their cash, it helps protect their people.

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Recurring Revenue

You already have relationships with merchants and are their trusted source for cash solutions. Smart safes allow you to leverage those relationships for an exciting new cross-selling opportunity. Create a significant new recurring revenue stream while also meeting your merchant's need for better cash flow management.

Convenience. Safety. Simplicity. Profits.

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