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Gil Lovett President ATM Systems Corporation

"The past two decades have brought tremendous change to the ATM industry, but one constant has been our long-standing partnership with Cash Connect – dating back to 1999. Their extensive funding network has helped us grow as we've deployed ATMs all across the country. Our clients have extremely high expectations and Cash Connect's team has always been there for us, exceeding those expectations by delivering stellar service. Cash Connect has been, and will remain, our only vault cash provider!"

Kenneth Gilbert President CORD Financial Services

"We rely on Cash Connect's Total Cash Management program to supply a large portion of our cash and carrier needs for our vault cash ATMs. We have found that their cash forecasting and armored carrier management services are reliable, affordable, and accurate. They have allowed us to focus on what we do best- growing our business. Cash Connect's active management keeps the armored carriers on point- saving us both time and money. By leveraging Cash Connect's capital, people, and web-based management tools we have been able to drive consistently strong growth without needing to add cash or staff."

Mitch Lancaster ATM USA

"We have relied on Cash Connect for many years and they have always exceeded our expectations. Cash Connect's vault cash program has been incredibly important to the success and growth of our business."

David R. Charles, Sr. President Cash Depot

"You guys [Cash Connect] have contributed more to the growth and the success of the industry than anyone else I know and most importantly, your heart is in the right place. You and the team strive to consistently improve and enhance the service that you provide everyone in the industry."

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